Makeup Services

Air Brush Makeup

Air Brush is where the foundation is sprayed onto your face using an Air Brushing machine, instead of being applied by a brush. Leaving a smooth, clean, flawless finish. 

Conventional Makeup





Conventional Makeup is where the foundation is applied using a brush. This option is very popular, especially in the summer days due to its long lasting wear and also leaving a very flawless finish.

For all body paint enquiries, please email an example photo or simply a little information about your idea to and we can get started! Our team of body painters are also available for large event bookings.

Makeup Lessons provide an understanding for makeup while learning the techniques used to apply makeup suited to your face shape. Day and Evening looks are a popular choice! Available for one on one lessons and class workshops.

Hair Services

Hair Styling

Hair styling is also available along with your makeup service. You can choose any hair styles from a blow dry, beautiful curls, half up and half down styles to full up-styles. 
If your bookings is for 4 or more people